No new art from me but here are a few from a occasionally bearded fellow artist Tom Dean.


These are a few new paintings, just until I get some more up. I will be starting an etsy account soon and will link here when I do. Interested people will be able to buy my original paintings from that site when it’s up and running, but enjoy these for now.

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Enter the darkside

They say evil doesn’t sleep, but I’ve managed to wrangle out of Carl’s deadly choke hold long enough to post this.

Carl has entered the darkside. Not only do they have cookies and bacon but now they have beards too, but maybe not for long. It shall be an intense inner journey to keep Darth at bay.




Beard Blog Day Two Hundred and Change

It’s been a grueling challenge these many months maturing my masculine beard. I’ve been called everything from Heyzues to The Bearded Devil. (My favorite by far was that my beard was Christ like. The very epitome of divinity. Amen.) The combination of being trapped in the woods for three weeks battling the elements, bombarded by bugs, dancing with devils club and the weight of the massive follicle excrement coming out of my chin has started to make me more crazy than Howard Moon  as a coco loco castaway.

Somehow through all this I must laugh in the face of nature see my plight through to the end and keep my coconut held high. Not just for fear of tripping but for pride and most of all for justice.

Here is a toast to Carl. may you never leave me, never…. ever…EVER

How to grow a beard.

Yesterday was my beard day and since I have turned a ripe old age I wanted to bestow some wisdom on some ambitious and potentially bearded youth in just a few steps.

How to grow a beard.

Step One: Stop shaving.

Step Two: Well actually there isn’t a step two. Refer to step one.

There you have it folks its that easy.

And well, for those of you who simply can’t grow a beard. I suggest you don’t go out in public or move to China or Japan or somewhere you will blend in easier like an orphanage or an all girls campus.

Beard Blog day 182

Its been a steady 6 months of beard and still going strong. I did have one lapse after I cut the hair on my head. I was really tempted to trim the beard down just to bring a little balance. Then I thought having short hair makes my beard look even bigger and that is never a bad thing. Of course it’s not the size that matters. It’s getting revenge on Satan Clause that drives this beard.


the beard must go on