About me

My name is Stephen Mann. I use humour and art to retain my sanity in an insane world. My main focus of this blog is the month of Brocember (December) which is, in part a parody of  Movember in which I encourage all who can to grow a beard to bring awareness to “elvish” slave labour, but also a testament against the working standards and working conditions of our eastern brethren. I mask this all in the fantasy of the  Santa Clause lie.

The title of my blog My Brothers Beard Machine comes from day 14 of my beard blog (which I test ran on facebook) Where I claimed to be starting a tribute band called My Brothers Beard. I ended up adding Machine on the end as a play on the title of an album My Brothers Blood Machine by The Prize Fighter Inferno, started by Claudio Sanchez, most well know for his band Coheed and Cambria.

My regular blog posts can be found in the beard tracker and my art can be found on the From The Bristles Of My Beard page.


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