Beard Blog day 292: To live and die by the beard

Forgive me if my content is slightly dated, I’m trying to distance myself from the hipsters. A lot has gone on since my last blog post. I crawled back from dark side to find myself back in the mountains of coastal BC. The madness was strong but the mountain air has cleansed me of shear insanity.

I learned how to survive out here when supplies are low and wifi is shoddy. Thanks to incredibeard I’ll never be without dishes again.

I also learned that you can’t live on happiness alone. (That sentence is much funnier if read with a French accent.) No matter how much joy you bring others some times happiness is not enough (*snicker, sorry I’ve been away from my lady for some time now.) I’m trying to give props to the late great Robin Williams. If there was ever a better beard in any of his oft shaven rolls, Jumanji takes the cake. imageThough even the fan favorite Genie sports a quaint gotee. His bout with depression hidden by an array of fake smiles and a bowl full of ramen noodles, I mean laughs, left us all shocked. But his hidden illness enriched our lives and filled our hearts. And sometimes a growing heart is more important than growing a beard.

Rest in peace Robin


Thanks and cheers


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