To All The Bearded Ladies

Well ladies I know you pluck, you shave, you wax, you electrolosize …. for shame, for shame.

Why? Why do you do it? Why go through the pain? I know why. It’s the pressure to fulfill the status quo on what is considered beauty that keeps you adhered, like the hair on a strip of wax, to the cultural norm.

I’m here to tell you it’s okay. I see your mustache that you bleached white and I think it cute. There is no need to hide that chin hair behind that scarf. I know whats hiding behind there, and besides it’s nearly the end of  May.

Now I know you say, “I’m just not confident enough to break out of the norm and let that beard flow.” But look at Jennifer Lawrence with her new beard. Don’t tell me this isn’t a good look.

Or how Conchita Wurst is just beaming with confidence after winning at Eurovision.

Well maybe that last one doesn’t count because Conchita Wurst is a made up name. Wurst the  German word for sausage and Conchita possibly from the old La Conchita banana ranch. You see Conchita is a man in a dress. But don’t let that detour you, just think of how good that beard goes with that dress and hair. And if that’s not enough inspiration then I’ll leave you with another song from the Austrailian folk rock group and inspirational geniuses. The Beards.



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