Beard Blog day 162: The beard goes on and on and on and…..

There has been some disappointing talk on the interweb that follical fashion is falling out of favor. This story from The Guardian,  got me riled up for a bit, but then I started thinking about the positives in this situation. For example, do we really need more hipster beard implants? Do I feel comfortable knowing the man next to me has ass hair on his face? I’m pretty sure the women that kiss them might want to know. But I digress because I don’t take projections like this too seriously and besides my friends over at Bearded London took the question to the streets and us bearded folk fared just fine taking home nearly half of the polls.

But I want you to know this beard goes beyond sex appeal. My cause is greater than mere fashion. My beard will grow on as natural as the day I was born with it. For enslaved elves everywhere, the beard grows on an on and on…



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