Don’t use the “C” word / Beard World Order episode two

In the wake of the  news of the NSA is it becoming easier to talk about Conspiracy? Personally I still feel uncomfortable bringing certain things up in everyday conversation unless provoked to do so. Its hard to be the guy who brings discomfort to social situations. But I think it is important not to become too comfortable, to be discerning, and consider the facts when hashing out “theories.” Not everything is a conspiracy but a short glance at history shows how commonplace it is.

Should I feel uncomfortable bringing up topics of genetically modified foods or public education?  For the most part I am received with general approval on the views I feel confident discussing and I think that is a major key. A well informed view point is a believable one. Timing is also key and when given the opportunity we should all riff on what we know. It can be hard to swallow when you tell someone that the veggie burger they are just sinking their teeth into is made from GMO soy and that the only reason it passed the safe for human consumption standards was as a binder in cardboard boxes. No I play it safe in that situation, unless I’m offered some and questioned on my decision. Then I think is an appropriate time interject what you’ve learned. When the other person is genuinely interested and engaged in your views you are more likely to make an impact.

Getting too comfortable is the one problem many of us deal with. So many people I talk to are aware of many of the worlds problems but often don’t want to sacrifice their comfort to make a difference. Convenience takes precedence over ethics, responsibility is deferred and complacency sets in. This may not be a conspiracy per se as just a by product of an ever changing technological society. On the other hand all this technology certainly serves the agenda the NSA was pulling off spying on the populous.

For more talk on that dirty “C” word I invite you to join The Beard World Order in their discussions of Meta-Conspiracy and the “conspiracy to inject conspiracy.”

Also near the middle James brings up.

Fun with FOIA A call to arms obtain the knowledge for yourselves.

Thanks for being informed and putting an end to outlandish theories.




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