Why I became an atheist.

In the past I’ve always been open to the spiritual side of life. I didn’t grow up in a religious home but became influence by my peers and accepted more or less a new age philosophy. After a while I was provoked to look into its roots and denounced it all for it’s lies, deception and contradictions. Currently I claim myself to be an atheist but not because I don’t believe in the possibility of a god, in this respect I am still agnostic, the jury is still out so to speak, but because I don’t want to believe in a god. The reason for this is simply because I want to be responsible for my own actions.

By leaving nothing to fate one must accept the consequences of their actions and if more people did that of course the repercussions of each individuals mistakes would be diminished because people would more thoroughly plan out their course of action based on logical assumptions rather than chance. Today I fear there is a lack of personal responsibility the world over so I implore everyone who puts their faith and actions into the hands of another to start asking questions about your faith.To the test of logic and see what, if anything survives.


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