It has come to my attention through nick daniels blog that there is this group, of what she calls, “hipsters” who grow beards. Even though these “hipsters” are disguised like men, the way she puts it they are anything but.
Now I’m all for anyone growing a beard (including you ladies) especially if its to join a cause as important as mine, but I just assumed that it gave the men, (or women) who grow them, special powers to chop a tree down with an axe in one swing and carry the tree home on their shoulder. Thats how I fill my wood shed anyway. But now I am worried that this might be a super natural power of a whole different nature.

I bet that evil Santa is behind this.

Any way I’m kind of with this Nick Daniels on her train of thought about these “hipsters” and their beard products. You don’t need beard accessory products like beard oils or whatever these urban beard growing nancies are buying. In fact the only thing you should be putting in your beard are your own fingers, or your wife’s vagina (unless you are gay or of the female beard growing persuasion then maybe a penis better suits you) and maybe some lego men, or a burning match. You know for extra warmth.


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