How to paint.

In one of my last posts I showed you how not to paint. So today we’ll take a little different approach. That last painting was an unfortunate misadventure ultimately  caused by using a poor medium.  I have started using a structure gel to create texture and today I’m going to show you how I’ve used it.

I started with an old painting that I did but I din’t like the colours I had chosen. So I covered all in structure gel being careful to preserve the layout. This stuff dries clear so for this project it was a lot of fun.


I decided to go with a colour scheme I’ve used in the past. You can see below how I scraped away the texture around the inner frames to preserve the layout.

IMGP0114 IMGP0115

With the background done. It was time for the next layer. I used a scan of the original to keep the same layout as well

IMGP0116 IMGP0124

A couple more times and voila!

IMGP0126 IMGP0141

To see the finished version feel free to check it out as well as other great paintings in my gallery.


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