How to paint, part two (sharing secrets)

Another quick and simple idea. Start with your background. For this one I used an emerald green and mixed it with a chroma deep red. Be careful when mixing your colours.  Both these colours that I’ve mentioned lean towards the blue end of the spectrum and worked nicely together. For the big red circle however I used a cadmium red and when mixed with emerald green produces a brown that just doesn’t go.

IMGP0118 IMGP0120

Tape off the sides to get your boarder. I used a magazine cover, (which isn’t shown,) to mask off the other side of the line. Any thick paper would work or more tape. Tape, paint, wait, repeat. A good three layers at least.

IMGP0121 IMGP0122

There are several tricks to taping to get strait lines. I find this masking tape often bends when you rip it so i alway rip off extra to get away from the bend and just try to lay it as straight as possible. If you’re still not getting the line you want you can use a utility knife and a ruler to get  that perfect edge.

IMGP0123  IMGP0125

with these textured paintings I don’t worry so much about bleeding. But if it is a problem for you  there are methods. I used to use white glue but there are other products that probably work better. Try asking your local art supply store. Just use a brush and paint the glue, or other product, right over the area you have masked out and over lap it a little ways onto your tape.  Paint right over and peel the mask off to reveal a perfect line.


A vermillion hue paired with a cadmium yellow really made this sucker pop.  I’m still not too sure what to think of this scheme. Let me know what you think and check out the finished product in my gallery.


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